Getting ready for the immersive interview

I’ve finished the MakerPrep course and am now getting ready for the interview for the immersive program. My interview is on Friday. I’m very nervous as 95% don’t get in on their first interview. Last week I did a mock interview, as part of the MakerPrep course, and I passed it with flying colours BUT it only covered the first quarter of what the actual interview will cover.

Me and algorithms are not yet fast friends and I know that there will be a significant “go up to the whiteboard and write out and explain the solution for X hideous problem.” I’m not fast with solving algorithm challenges under the most relaxed of circumstances (console.log() is my best friend with attempting them and figuring out where I’m going wrong, and dear old console will be not be with me at a whiteboard). When I am nervous, everything dealing with logic just takes a brain vacation. “Logical thinking has just exited the building on the way to board a plane to the Bahamas. Uh, Um, What The Hell, and What’s My Name Again? have now stepped in to replace it.”

Yeah. I keep telling myself to breathe and that if I don’t pass it the first time, I can re-interview for the later cohort starting in October. It is like having the option of a Moed Bet exam if you screw up on the Moed Aleph. I always disapproved of the whole Moed Bet thing (in the real world, like with an interview for a job, you don’t get a ‘do-over’), but now I’m looking at the idea of it with a great deal more fondness.


3 responses to “Getting ready for the immersive interview”

  1. lynne says :

    I like the idea of a second interview—a second chance—for admission. There is so much riding on acceptance that nerves are bound to be a factor. Jittery nerves block memory and clog up the thought processes so a second chance is good 🙂

  2. Omer Zak says :

    When interviewing for a job in a Hi-Tech company, frequently there is more than one interview.
    The first interview is brief and easy, and is meant to eliminate the obvious misfits.
    Then there are few interviews and then the employer makes the decision based upon results from all the interviews.

    I wonder what would be the academic counterpart for the first interview. Maybe moed 0 for filtering out those who obviously did not learn the course’s material?

  3. israeliminx says :

    Omer yes you are so right. I think I will have a bit of an advantage over a lot of other folks who aren’t used to this idea because when you are being interviewed for an academic job at the top universities your interview is essentially a 16-24 hour affair: You arrive and check into your hotel the night before, have a breakfast ‘meeting’ (interview part 1), then hour-long individual interview meetings with each member of faculty, the department head, the dean, you give your job talk (open to faculty, students and whoever else wants to come), meet with more faculty or grad students, then you go out to dinner with at least some, if not all, of the faculty in the dept and some of the grad students (all part of the interview), and you might the next day meet with any of the faculty you didn’t meet with the day before (if it is a large dept) and/or have another breakfast meeting, and/or have more meetings with graduate students. You leave feeling like a sponge that has been through the wringer.

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