I did it! MakerSquare here I come :)

I had my entrance interview this morning. I was so dog nervous that I was nearly sick. I had prepared and prepared and prepared some more. I was seriously worried about the technical part of the interview.

It went swimmingly up until the final two challenges. I came up with answers that would get the job done but they weren’t the answers: The nice, elegant ones using higher order functions and nice, concise code and…And I knew how to solve them using the higher order functions etc, and I knew I knew it BUT. I hit the first one where I didn’t instantly see “ok, we should do this and then this and then that” and my brain went into full panic mode. I gave a solution and knew it was workable but not the best or really the ‘right’ one and was reeling so much from that realization that when the next one was presented it took me a good 2 minutes to even be able to parse out what he was asking me to solve: Come again? What’s the problem to tackle, functions needing to do what, what was the problem again?

I left totally convinced that I had bombed out. He’d noted that I probably would not hear anything until Monday. I sent messages to friends who had made the grade and said, “seriously, no way, I won’t be joining you.”

Then 3 hours later I got the golden email. I think half of Texas must know because I squealed so loud with happiness and relief. I’m in. One major hurdle is behind me, and I’m so looking forward to tackling the mountain of hurdles ahead. I tell you, jumping out of an airplane had nothing on the excitement and exhilaration I felt when I got that email.


4 responses to “I did it! MakerSquare here I come :)”

  1. Coyote says :

    Bravo! Congratulations!

  2. israeliminx says :

    Thanks Coyote!!! I can still hardly believe that I got in. 95% of the applicants don’t make it. Tech bootcamps are becoming a dime a dozen and most of them are not worth wasting your time or money on. MakerSquare, though, is like the Oxford or Cambridge of bootcamps and they don’t take just anyone who can pony up the (seriously high) tuition — I cashed out my (tiny) U.S retirement fund and am applying for a huge loan to help cover it. They’ve got a really stellar reputation in the industry for producing high quality job candidates. I can hardly grasp that by the end of December I will be coming out as a full stack software engineer.

  3. Coyote says :

    I can believe it. You always accomplish what you set your mind to. So go for it! And know I’m rooting for you!

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