Feeling so very Israeli

When I first moved to Israel, I was utterly horrified at even the thought that I’d ever need to use an over-draft at my bank and so, despite my bank manager pushing for a nice safety cushion, I insisted on only 500 shekels for the ‘you are in the red.’ I never thought I’d need it. Then came the paperwork snafu that saw my salary checks arriving 8 and 4 weeks late, respectively, and suddenly I was embracing the 10,000 shekel overdraft. Over the years, I dipped deep into the over-draft more times than I could count.

See, because I grew up in poverty where every month was touch and go and my Ema did whatever it took to make it go –working two and three jobs at a time when necessary, I had a real thing about a)never being in debt and b) never having anything less than a serious savings pad. Life in Israel mostly cured me of that.

Today, I’m feeling very Israeli. I’ve now gone almost 14k into the red with a loan. I’m not only not freaking out at the thought but am going Yee Haw! That loan is hopefully going to see me come out with the skills that will not only see the loan repaid, and not only see me back home, but with the ability to have a savings pad. And yeah, I’ll definitely want to have a nice over-draft in place, just in case 🙂


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