In love with my Macbook

I’ve always been a non-Mac girl, mostly because I could never see spending the extra money for a Mac. Computers of any kind are serious investments and the Macs have always been in the ‘super luxury’ range. For MakerSquare, however, they are a requirement (and in the tech industry, in general, you really need to have both a Mac and a pc for development).

So a couple of days ago, I bit the bullet and plunked down close to 2K (including the 3 year warranty cost) from my cashed out retirement fund on the most beautiful computer I’ve ever owned. It is a Macbook Pro. At 13 inches, under 4 pounds, with 8 Gb memory and serious processing speed, it is already the most amazing computer I’ve ever worked with.

I didn’t get the cheapest Mac on offer but I also didn’t get one on the super super luxury end. Mine is in the mid-range, with way less hard drive storage than my Lenovo has (at a quarter of the price, it has 1 terabyte of storage!), but also not the very least available. Thanks to my Ema for that. She was like $200 to double it is worth it and you know you will need it. And I will.

Now, I’ve just got to make sure that I live up to my investment and this most amazing of computers.


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