A mini-garden update

The veggie garden is surviving, if not thriving, with my necessitated lack of caring for it. Over the last four days, however, I did harvest 4 lbs of okra and cucumbers. Today, about 3 lbs worth of eggplant and some basil, malabar spinach, and green onion are on the list for harvesting.

Baby tomatoes are forming and the tomato plants are all flowering. We’ve got about 11 cucumbers inching toward harvest and a bunch of new baby cucumbers starting to form. The HaOgen melon is now a good bit bigger than a softball but still showing no signs of ripening yet. There are about 8 smaller melons but a couple that looked promising last week have since died on the vine.

A bunch of the lettuce seedlings died from lack of watering, as did most of the arugula seedlings. Today, I will plant new seeds and see what I can do to save the 30-odd surviving seedlings. The green beans are just starting to burst into flowers. I may harvest some poblano, gypsy, shishto, and banana peppers today or I may wait and let them get a bit bigger.

Still looking for the weather break that usually happens in September and spurs garden productivity!

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