A garden update: Where we are in reaching our goal

I’ve finally had time to put up both the August and September garden savings over at the DARA Sanctuary (http://garden.darasanctuary.com/).

With just 3 months to go, it is looking touch and go for meeting my $1500 in savings goal with growing our own food. In large part, it is because I’ve not had time to water/plant or even harvest much since the 6th of September. Some of the ripe goodness was left too long and was over-ripe, some of the ripening stuff thirsted to death and, importantly, I’ve not gotten even half as much fall plants started as I’d planned.

I’ve pulled up all but two eggplants (both Gretels) so we won’t see much of those and are already missing them. I do have 40 lettuce and 40 arugula plants going and will be getting more started, along with radishes and other fall greens.

My one hope for meeting the goal is that fact that our okra has kicked in like gang-busters, the green beans are producing heavily, ditto for the cucumbers, there are a bunch of cherry tomatoes ripening (I just picked our first 4) and the plants are flowering like crazy, the pepper plants are nearly falling over from the number of peppers on them and still setting, the basil plants are huge, green onions are up and ready, and the butternut squash is squashing out.


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