A fairy coat handmade by my Ema –my niece is over the moon with it!

My little niece, who has just turned five, is currently all about Tinkerbell and fairies. This past summer, when she visited, she made a point, every single day, of reminding her ‘Mee Maw” that, for Halloween she would be needing ‘my fairy coat’ to go with her Tinkerbell costume. ‘Mee Maw, have you started sewing? It might take a long time. I’m a fairy and I need a coat. Have you started making it?’

Her grandmother/savta (aka Mee Maw), of course, went into action. My Ema is an amazing seamstress. She got a look at pictures of the fairy costume my niece will be wearing and went into action. She found complementary fabrics that matched for the outside and lining (the coat she made is actually reversible as it is as beautiful inside as ‘out’). She studied videos starring the cartoon Tinkerbell. She created her own pattern and design.

My niece got her coat in the mail this past week and is over the moon about it (she had to be prevented from sleeping in it!). Alisa is a taskmaster when it comes to detail (she wants everything to be ‘exact’!). Her Tinkerbell coat has clearly passed muster. Below are a couple of photos of the fairy coat creation:

This pic has the “in person” colors –yeah a bit ‘bright’ but perfectly matches the costume it will accompany:


2 responses to “A fairy coat handmade by my Ema –my niece is over the moon with it!”

  1. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Wow that is so pretty. Your mother is a treasure.

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