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My MVP – so close and yet so far

I’ve gotten a ton done on my Recipe Bee app. I’ve gotten the client written except for creation of the logos and other images to use with it (and their corresponding config.xml file) and the server-side is largely done. I’m having database issues, however. Right now, I can’t even spin up the server.

Last night, I was able to track down and fix four major problems, two of which were caused by very minor glitches (get the girl a spell-checker!). I’d forgotten to create my env file. Argh. I’ve got to use a different gui and am on the trail for a replacement. I’m going to be doing a deep dive into the Mysql documentation this week to try to sort things out.

Currently, the project is using Angular with (I know, kinda ‘cheating’ but it makes life a lot easier) the Ionic framework. Server is node with express and the database is MySQL.

Once I get it done and fully functional, I’m going to do a re-write, and create it using React rather than Angular.


Gardening, knitting, coding, kitties update

Today I started seeds: 20 Swiss Chard, 20 Buttercrunch Lettuce, and 20 Arugula. I got a nice-sized Cilantro and a dill transplanted. I also planted some flowers- a big Lantana and some pansies and Johnny Jump Ups. I mowed the yard and it looks very nice and neat, if I do say so myself. The weather has been so warm that we are still getting green beans, okra and peppers and the peppers, tomatoes, and two remaining eggplant plants are still flowering and setting fruit. Every morning I rush out to check the progress of the butternut squash –getting big and looking good :). This week I will probably go ahead and pull out the green beans, though, and plant in some sugar snap peas. Cutworms got all 15 of the lettuce I planted out last week and in just one night! Grrrr.

In every spare minute I’m working on Hanukkah gifts. I’m knitting a shawl for my Ema and have finished an identical, smaller one for my niece –a Mini Me (Maw) shawl. I plan to sew some glittery beads on the little ones’ version so it looks like something “Anna” –yeah, Frozen and Fairies are ‘the thing’ at the moment — might wear.

I taught myself how to crochet last night and have gotten a good bit finished on a play sandwich for her. I’ve got the two slices of bread done and now just need the cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle. I also want to make her a fried egg, spaghetti, french fries and sushi pieces so she can go to town in her play kitchen with washable and non-toxic toys. If I get those all done, I might try my hand at a doll.

I’m doing two versions of my MVP. One version is with React and the other is using Angular and Ionic. I’ve completed the database and server-side code for both. I’m 90% done with the API for the Angular version –it is going to have some more bells and whistles, I think, than the React version just because I know how to implement them already (ability for the user to add pictures and so forth). Not sure if I’ll go to the bother of doing that with the React version. I’m going to finish the Angular version first (still have the client to do), and then get to work on the API and client for the R version. React still feels like a foreign creature.

On the cat front, Batya has gone back into a diabetic phase and so is getting insulin twice daily and can only be on wet food. Shyla we are worried about. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given 3 weeks to live — but that was 6 months ago. I think she just has pancreatitis. She has, however, in the last week, needed to have a pepcid (heartburn) pill twice a day rather than just once and she is a bit off her food. We’re watching her closely. Gypsy, who was also diagnosed with cancer, is responding really well to the liquid steroid he’s getting once a day and the swollen lymph node (it was the size of a softball!) is now back to normal. I’m not sure I am buying the cancer diagnosis.