Quick update among the holiday craze

I’ve got five minutes to do an update and that is pushing it 🙂 My bro and his family will be arriving tomorrow and we are in full-scale cleaning mode that puts Pesach cleaning to shame, namely because my niece is highly allergic to kitties. The weather has so not cooperated with us. I’m also working two jobs: One is seasonal and the other is putting my coding skills to use. I’m not sleeping much 🙂

I hope to update the DARA Sanctuary garden challenge in the next few days — sad spoiler alert: I’m not sure, but I think, I am going to be just short of meeting the challenge, when all is said and done, by the end of this month. The serious freeze we’ve just had has decimated a ton of my plants. I was able to harvest green tomatoes and immature peppers and so forth but, really, we took a serious blow. The October and November tallies took us pretty close to the goal (hope to get them up in a couple of days) but I’m not sure the December tally will put us over the top.


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