I ALMOST met the $1500 veggie garden challenge

The big spoiler is that I came close, but no banana, to growing $1500 in one year and in only 70 square feet.The below freezes (21 degrees!) we had in December put paid to the harvest that would have put us over the top. Just about everything but the green onions and some radishes were killed dead as a doornail.

Then the freeze we had a couple of weeks ago killed almost everything I’d planted for a January-February harvest. We are going to get some radishes, green onions, parsley and dill over the next month but not much else.

Still, I’m not despairing and am renewing the garden challenge. I’m not upping it to $1700 as I’d planned, but I am sticking fast with a determination to at least get to $1500 worth of home-grown goodness during 2017. I’ve learned a lot and, one of the most important thing I’ve learned is that every year is different. You definitely can’t count on Mother Nature to be consistent.

I’ve got a new game plan on for the summer when it is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk and we simultaneously need to conserve water for our monthly bills’ sake. I’m trying some new things for the early spring and scrapping some things we grew last spring. No cabbage this year (save the few cut and come agains from last spring that survived the brutal summer) but hopefully a lot of sugar snap peas. 36 swiss chard seedlings are going strong and I’m planning a lot more. I’m trying out Kohlrabi as an experiment and we’ll have to wait and see how that turns out. The last freeze killed all 24 of the Kohlrabi seedlings in their cradle but I’ve got more started.

You can check out just how close I came to meeting the 2016 goal at the DARA garden: http://garden.darasanctuary.com/


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