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planning this gorgeous day

It is an absolutely gorgeous day today and very warm, so I’m in heaven. I’m especially in heaven as today is a day off for me. This morning, I’m doing some garden work. I’m going to plant some more radishes and swiss chard directly into the garden, transplant some lettuce and arugula seedlings, and start some seeds: Hungarian Wax Peppers, summer savory, oregano, parsley, New Zealand spinach, coriander and sweet marjoram.

This afternoon, I’m going to my favourite cafe and going all techie. I’m planning to put in an hour on Java, an hour on Python, get the server-side framework in place for a new app I’m planning, and take a look at Redux and see if it is something I want to add to my toolkit sooner rather than later.

We’ve got a friendly raccoon — very cute, comes right up to you, and has taken over Shali’s cat-house for sleeping in at night –and so we’ve had to bring the unwilling cat into house (my house) the last two nights. We also have an entire Opossum family rummaging around the yard at night. The cats are doing well. Shyla is still going strong, even though, at this time last year, they told us she had pancreatic cancer and only 6 weeks to live. Eh, obviously she does not have pancreatic cancer!