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Tzofia (Sophia) is sick

Poor little Tzofia is nearly scratching herself to smithereens. She looks worse than a cat with the worst mange you’ve ever seen. She’s had an allergic reaction to …something…and that caused her to get the auto-immune pemphigus syndrome.

We don’t know what caused the allergic reaction so we’ve changed the kind of litter she uses, the kind of food (she’s now on an insanely expensive anti-allergin food). We’ve changed our dishwashing liquid, clothes washing liquid and stuff we clean the floors with. In fact, the floor in the room she is isolated in is getting a ‘water-only’ cleaning. It may be an allergy to sunlight…

She’s been to see a specialist (the two vets we took her to prior had never seen anything like it before). The poor little 3-legged wonder is now getting major doses of prednisolone twice a day, an antibiotic pill once a day and pain meds twice a day. She is running and hiding, hiding, hiding when she sees me. She is also supposed to have frequent baths (daily just can’t be done).

We are hoping to get the meds compounded with a marshmallow flavour (she can’t have the fish oil compound as she can’t eat anything she’s ever had in her diet before). That way, it will be less stressful than getting pilled constantly. It may take up to 8 weeks before we see any improvement. In the meantime, the poor little thing is just miserable.


The growing garden

I’m going to try to post up some pics later today of the spring garden. We are finally starting to ‘eat good’ from our garden greens. After the ‘killiful,’ as one of my Ema’s students used to say, freezes we had, the garden pickings were slim. Today is the first day I was able to pick an entire salad’s worth of young swiss chard (both Lucculus and Bright Lights). I’ve also harvested a heap o’ radishes and the very first (just 3!) sugar snap peas.

I’ve got 4 different kinds of lettuce growing and they are growing by leaps and bounds: two kinds of leaf lettuce that make big fluffy heads (and that I’ll do cut and come again on), romaine lettuce, and our beloved buttercrunch. The arugula got off to a slow start but is catching up. We’ve got 2 cilantro plants, a dill, green onions, a bunch of kohlrabi, mustard greens, turnip greens, spinach, 6 kinds of radishes, malabar spinach (including a whole host of them that re-seeded themselves and I’ll need to dig up and move to the trellis area), collard green seeds started, and two cherry tomato plants. I plan a lot more tomato plants, eggplants (of course), cucumbers, melons, and squash, and peppers.

Next week I’m going to be volunteering at a transplant sale and will get a bunch of free transplants for my labour 🙂 I plan to snag some grapes and a fig tree transplant as well as toms, peppers, and eggplants.

Two weeks ago, I volunteered at a local CSA and my 5 hours of pulling tops and roots off of carrots let me take home a huge box (worth $50!) of all manner of veggie goodness — we are still eating on them this week. I’m planning to volunteer with them next week, as well, as I was able to pick up a lot of great organic gardening tips (did you know that adding beer or soda to your compost will dramatically speed up the composting process?!).

I plan to do a blog post on our Tzofia, the 3-legged wonder. She saw a specialist yesterday and we are hoping that we’ve finally found the cause and treatment for the illness that has had her at death’s door for the past week. The second vet we saw at the weekend said she’d never seen anything like it.