I am not typical. I am not your typical Aliyah candidate: I’m very secular, did not grow up with zionist parents, and have almost no family living in Israel. I’m not what people typically think of when they hear “Jewish”: I have blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. I was not your typical American but I’m becoming your typical Israeli: I speak 2 1/2 languages, used to vote democratic but am now a socialist-zionist-republican, and the last thing I want is a house in the suburbs. So what am I? In many ways, I’m a little bundle of contradictions. Stubborn yet not overly-opinionated (at least on most issues). Shy and reserved when I first meet someone but outgoing and bubbly once you get to know me. Practical but also fun-loving and spontaneous (in a practical kind of way, lol). I believe that I am a kind and caring person (hey, don’t we all?). I am passionate about life and fiercely protective of those I love. And I’m crazy about my 3 5 6 7 14 18 cats.


3 responses to “About”

  1. tamaraeden says :

    I used to love reading your blog. I loved the work you were doing with cats. I can’t find anything current. Are you only political now?

  2. israeliminx says :

    Hi Tamara, I’ve got some posts up about gardening and daily life up but a lot of political posts currently given the election in just two weeks. I view Obama getting re-elected as posing an existential threat to Israel and so right now I’m in serious political mode.

  3. Habibi says :

    You forgot to add: uncritical Israel shill with no ties to the region but plenty of opinions on why killing thousands of Palestinians is morally justified. I.e. watching IDF youtube videos.

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