quick minx update and Happy Sylvester!!

If you are not my Ema, you might be bored by this post so read on with that caution 🙂 I love days when I have meetings with a string of really on the ball, intelligent, curious, and serious students. It just makes my whole day a good one, no matter how long or how tired I get.

I had far fewer students in class today than usual because it is Sylvester and international students tend to take today and tomorrow off. They are particularly unmotivated to attend classes that start at say 8:30 a.m. Naturally, today was the day for course evaluations.

Today, I also got to make a quick garden-store run (and I do mean run, quite literally, when I ended up with a 25 minute break). I was hoping they’d have some of those really small and super cheap-o already-started herb plants. Sadly, they didn’t. Instead, I got two really small and super cheap-o (1.5 sheks each) annual flower plants (no idea what they are called but they make gorgeous flowers that are a combination of deep purple and orange –at least, that is the colour combo that I chose). I got an expensive 8 shek oregano plant. I also bought a seed packet of lettuce since I’ve gone through the whole packet of the duds with only 4 very sickly plants and 3 healthy and nice ones to show for it. I’m trying a different variety this time, one that is more like a lettuce head rather than looser leaves, in hopes it will germinate better and got a packet of thyme seeds to try to make a border in the spring in the herb garden. The guy threw in a packet of Lobelia seeds that had busted open for free. Hey, trying to grow free flowers from seed will be worth it if even one manages to germinate and survive. I’ve never grown many flowers and definitely never Lobelia so it will be an adventure.


9 responses to “quick minx update and Happy Sylvester!!”

  1. Lynne says :

    Hey, Yaeli! Yes, mom’s tend to hang on their kids’ every word 🙂 Good luck with your gardening. Did the roquette seeds ever arrive?
    To all readers, Happy Sylvester Day, and best wishes for happiness during the new year.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Happy New Year (Western calendar) to you Yael, wishing you to be blessed this coming new year 2013 with a child of your own. I hope you have not given up on this goal, no matter the problems that you might have encountered and no matter what.

    Happy New Year to all your readers too.

  3. Tiger Mike says :

    the TSA tried to take my can of baked beans! I rescued it, though. Yael, if you have my e-mail address, please send me an address at which I can reach you.

  4. Katherine says :

    yaeli! happy 2013 to you too! Hope you guys are well. Here’s something silly I remember about seeds in Israel which seriously puzzled me. Seed packets from nurseries were really bad and old and yuk, and from hardware stores were all clean and shiny and new. It was weird 🙂

  5. Katherine says :

    I’m weird – by you guys I meant you and your lovely Mama Lynne 🙂

  6. israeliminx says :

    Happy 2013 Kat!! Yes, it is strange how the garden store seeds are in pretty deplorable condition! None of the hardware stores around here carry seeds so I’ve not been able to compare.

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