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Americans need to be alarmed by what Obama’s actions on behalf of Hamas reveal

Excellent piece by Caroline Glick. She hits the nail on the head and it is a very ugly head.

Excerpt of this must-read piece below


Until Obama made the call, there was lingering doubt among some Israelis regarding his intentions. Some thought that US Secretary of State John Kerry might have been acting of his own accord last Friday night when he tried to force Israel to accept Hamas’s cease-fire terms.

But then Obama made his phone call. And all doubts were dispelled.

Kerry is just a loyal steward of Obama’s foreign policy.

Obama is siding with Hamas, and its Muslim Brotherhood patrons in Qatar and Turkey, against Israel, and its Sunni Arab supporters – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

The fact that the US’s current preference for genocidal, Jew-hating jihadists over the only liberal, pro-American, stable US ally in the Middle East is a White House position, rather than that of a rogue Secretary of State was actually exposed even before Obama’s phone call.

Sunday CNN’s Candy Crowley interviewed Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes. She asked him what the administration thinks Israel can do to prevent civilians from being killed in Gaza beyond what it is already doing. Rhodes replied, “I think you can always do more.”

In other words, Rhodes said that no matter what precautions Israel takes to try to minimize Palestinian civilian deaths in Gaza, the administration will never be satisfied. The White House will never acknowledge that Israel is in the right, or that it is fighting a moral war against a barbaric foe. And since the administration will never be satisfied, Israel can expect to be condemned by various UN bodies, including the Security Council, because no matter what it does to try to earn the support of the administration, it will never receive such support.

The discovery that the Obama administration is entirely in Hamas’s corner hit all of Israel hard. But it hit the Left the hardest. Few on the Right, which recognized Obama’s hostility from the outset of his presidency, were surprised.

As for political leaders, the government cannot risk giving the administration justification for its anti-Israel policies, so senior ministers have all said nothing.

Consequently, the harshest criticisms of the administration’s pro-Hamas position were heard from quarters where rarely a peep of criticism for Obama has been heard.

The Israeli Left went ballistic.


She explains how this has essentially put a killing knife through the heart of the Israeli Left (what little was left of it) and implications of taking this position for the U.S. and the whole region. [She leaves out Abbas’ reaction (as have most of the media): They also went ballistic and claimed that the ceasefire document and details they got from the Obama admin are meant as the equivalent of an assassination attempt of the Palestinian Authority, setting up Hamas to become the ruling kings].

She concludes, as have I, that under the Obama administration the U.S. has switched sides.


Obama-Netanyahu transcript. Obama goes beyond unbelievable

Both the U.S. and Israel are denying the veracity of the transcript of the leaked telephone call but Jihad Watch has gotten confirmation from a reporter who heard the tape that it is accurate.

Obama: I demand that Israel agree to a unilateral ceasefire and stop all offensive actions — especially air strikes.

Netanyahu: What will Israel get for stopping the fire?

Obama: I believe Hamas will stop the rocket firing — quiet for quiet.

Netanyahu: Hamas broke all five previous ceasefires. It’s a terror organization dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

Obama: I repeat that I expect Israel to stop all its military actions unilaterally. The destruction pictures from Gaza are distancing the world from Israel’s standpoint.

Netanyahu: Kerry’s offer was completely unrealistic and offered Hamas military and political advantages.

Obama: Within a week after Israel stops its military actions, Qatar and Turkey will start negotiating with Hamas based on the 2012 understandings, among them Israel’s commitment to lift the siege and limitations of Gaza.

Netanyahu: Qatar and Turkey are Hamas’ greatest supporters. It’s impossible to trust them to be fair mediators.

Obama: I trust Qatar and Turkey…Israel is not in a position to choose the mediators.

Netanyahu: I caution that Hamas will be able to continue to launch rockets and use tunnels for terror attacks….

Obama: (cutting off Netanyahu) The ball is in Israel’s court and it has to stop all its military actions.


I’d be lying if I said that baby hopes didn’t suddenly re-emerge

I’m 99.9% certain that events in the last less than 24 hours do not spell a renewed chance that I may be able to have a baby but somehow that remote less than 1% chance is exploding my world. I’m scheduled for blood tests every morning this week starting tomorrow and meeting with my fertility specialist next Monday.

I’ve been through surgeries, the ‘turkey baster’ approach, years of regular IVF, miscarriages, and the experimental series before suddenly slamming into premature menopause. I’m in uncharted territory. My doctors really don’t have a clue and I’ve even less of one but that is the price you pay when you volunteer as a test subject. I am far from slamming the experimental trial or the scientific method. I went in with eyes opened much wider than most and would sign up again in a heartbeat.

I fell into a small percent of a small percent but last night fell out of an even smaller percent. Feeling like I’ve been kicked two sides of Sunday and double that on Monday has never felt so good. The odds are more than against me but to have odds at all, that feels like nothing short of a miracle.

Mega terror attacks predicted for American shopping malls

This was covered on Israel National Radio today (you can listen to the interview here). Dr. Garrow was a 2009 nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work saving baby girls from gendercide in China. He worked in Intelligence in the US government, and says that according to his contacts, a huge mega-terror attack on hundreds of malls simultaneously in America is set to take place.

This is in line with information I got way back in 2009 when I was at a counter-terrorism conference. If you remember when I came back I wrote about my experience going to a mall and how the entire time I was in there I was highly nervous –no security in place, no security guards checking people for explosives with their wands before entry, everybody in la la land, and I was so relieved to get what I needed and get out of what felt like a potential disaster just holding its breath. I’ve felt less nervous running around in the Palestinian areas of Judea and Samaria and I’m not even kidding. When I got back to the conference I talked with several people about it and they were like yeah, we know and we know there are plans to target malls, but the logistics of securing all the bazillion malls in the U.S. is problematic and more importantly (in their eyes) was the perceived need for Americans to feel safe and not like they are in a police state or a terrorist behind every bush yada yada. Quatsch. A false sense of safety is no sense of safety and by not taking preventative measures you sure as hell aren’t going to prevent a disaster. Anyway, here’s the missive from Dr. Garrow and you can listen to him being interviewed on Israel National Radio HERE –you can download the episode or click the arrow before the ‘listen now’ and it will play online.

I have avoided sharing certain information because I took an oath and will not break that oath. I am skating on the edge today because of information that I would be derelict in my duty if I did not share it. Islamists currently in the country, aided by those who have recently arrived via the southern sieve we call a border and those who boldly came on aircraft in a variety of disguises have a purpose in their criminality. Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart.

The target will be shopping malls. The method will be with explosive devices meant to inflict suffering and death and to wound as many as possible. This is terrorism in its lowest form. The purpose is to inflict fear in the hearts of Americans through this targeting of where we go to shop and relax.

The date will be a significant one for the Islamists. The event will happen simultaneously across America at hundreds of locations (note the number). The police, DHS, and security services throughout the nation should be warned and take appropriate action.

Why release this on Facebook? It turns out that the necessary agencies are reading my stuff. Why make phone calls when this gets the news out in a speedy fashion to all of them in an instant message.

Be warned, my sources on this are impeccable. I lay my 100% record of reliability on the line.- Dr. Jim Garrow
Jul 25, 2014″

Bennet to Skynews: “Do you want to fight instead of us in Gaza?”

My respect for Bennett goes up by the day. He takes on Sky News anchor and rocks.

Even as a Hamas shill, John Kerry is an embarrassment

You know it is bad when Israel’s small left-leaning newspaper (read mostly by people not living in Israel) Ha’aretz slams Kerry as an embarrassment and all but calls him a Hamasnik.

The draft Kerry passed to Israel on Friday shocked the cabinet ministers not only because it was the opposite of what Kerry told them less than 24 hours earlier, but mostly because it might as well have been penned by Khaled Meshal. It was everything Hamas could have hoped for.

The document recognized Hamas’ position in the Gaza Strip, promised the organization billions in donation funds and demanded no dismantling of rockets, tunnels or other heavy weaponry at Hamas’ disposal. The document placed Israel and Hamas on the same level, as if the first is not a primary U.S. ally and as if the second isn’t a terror group which overtook part of the Palestinian Authority in a military coup and fired thousands of rockets at Israel.